Phoenix Tears 225mg THC

Phoenix Tears 225mg THC

Phoenix Tears 225mg THC, Whole-planet cannabis essential oil, extracted into MCT oil and combined with lecithin for maximized bioavailability. Amber in colour, extremely consistent and high quality. Highly sought-after medical product.

*Oil strength is standardized to 450mg THC per 1ml, and is available in 0.5ml (225mg) and 1.0ml (450mg) sizes. Tested by MB Labs.

Recommended Dosage:

Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Gradually increase dosage at a rate no higher then 0.5mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). High dose regiments typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1 to 2mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.

Note: Products that contain MCT oil should not be vaped or smoked.


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